THE TERROR | new music-theatre in development/2021

The Terror is a new music-theatre work that delves into the fraught space between sleeping and waking. Inspired by a childhood of recurring night terrors, this performance weaves the remembered, unconscious imaginings of a panic-stricken child into a hypnotic and hallucinatory sonic/visual dreamscape. Through live electronics, guitar and vocals, Heir of the Cursed and a male performer set memories into motion alongside a child who haunts the stage through film and projection incorporating dream imagery from ancient folklore and autobiography.

Following one average sleep cycle, this mid-scale theatrical performance draws on research into sleep and parasomnia including the incorporation of visual data from electroencephalogram (EEG) electrooculography (EOG) measuring brain waves and rapid eye movements during sleep.

This performance explores a sense of apprehension at the uncontrolled and unknown worlds we enter once we fall unconscious and the terror we may find there.

Composer/Musician | Heir of the Cursed
Director | Josh Armstrong

“During a night terror, a person may scream or shout; stare wide-eyed; sweat, breathe heavily, and have a racing pulse, flushed face and dilated pupils; kick and thrash; be hard to awaken, and be confused if awakened; be inconsolable; get out of bed and run around the house or have aggressive behaviour if blocked or restrained.

Sleep terrors differ from nightmares. The dreamer of a nightmare wakes and remembers, but a person who has a night terror remains asleep. Children usually don’t remember anything about their night terrors in the morning… “

but what if they do remember the terror?