The Terror – Examples of Previous Work

For josh armstrong

From When I wake

Written and performed by: Kathryn Joseph
Director: Josh Armstrong
Set Designer: James Johnson
Body Architect: Markéta Kratochvílová
Lighting Designer: Nich Smith
Music Producer: Marcus Mackay


Winner of British Composer Award 2019 for Stage Works

A Cryptic / Ragzazze Quartet Co-Commission, in partnership with deSingel (Belgium) and Grand Theatre Groningen (Netherlands), produced by Cryptic.

Composer: Oliver Coates
Director: Josh Armstrong
Performed by: The Ragazze Quartet
Costume & Set Design:
Christophe Coppens
Lighting Designer: Nich Smith


A minimalist visualisation of Kathryn Joseph’s ‘The Good’ using Processing.

**Best if viewed on Laptop/Desktop browser**

For Beldina | Heir of the Cursed

Death Becomes Us

Death Becomes Us, created by LEONIE RAE GASSON with Susan Bear (music & sound), Sabrina Henry (design), and Beldina Odenyo (music). Performed by Beldina Odenyo Onassis (Heir of the Cursed) and a community chorus of European migrants.


Heir of the Cursed performing “Dala” at Sofar Glasgow on November 24th, 2016

A Way From Rage

Released December 19, 2019

Written and performed by Beldina Odenyo/ Heir of The Cursed

Commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation