Josh Armstrong C:NEXT


British Composer Award 2018: Stage Works – Winner

Composer: Oliver Coates
Director: Josh Armstrong
Performed by: The Ragazze Quartet
Costume & Set Design:
Christophe Coppens
Lighting Designer: Nich Smith

From When I Wake

Written and performed by: Kathryn Joseph
Director: Josh Armstrong
Set Designer: James Johnson
Body Architect: Markéta Kratochvílová
Lighting Designer: Nich Smith

Little Match Girl Passion

Composer: David Lang 
Director and Designer: Josh Armstrong


Composer: Tan Dun
Director & Designer: Josh Armstrong
Co-Director: Cathie Boyd
Choreographers: Iván Pérez Aviles & Ming-Lung Yang
Lighting Designer: Nich Smith
Costume Designer: Keith Lin
Delegate Producer: Dance Forum Taipei
Executive Producer: Anmaro Asia Arts