BECOMING is a series of creative-research publications which draws together artists, researchers and practitioners fusing academia, scientific and ecological research, art, and creative practice as a means to investigate the diverse reciprocal relationships between humans and Others. We begin from an acknowledgement that we are living and dying within the Anthropocene and position ourselves as existing after the end of the world (Morton 2013). Within this uncertain future, the BECOMING series asks what we can learn from more-than-human bodies and knowledges to allow for future ecological and creative sustainability.

The series is edited by:
Josh Armstrong | Royal Conservatoire of Scotland & Objet-a Creative Studio
and co-edited by Alexandra Lakind | University of Wisconsin-Madison
along with guest editors for specific editions.

becoming-Botanical (BECOMING/one) was published in 2019.

becoming-Feral (BECOMING/two) is planned for publication in Summer 2021.
You can find more information on the current Call for Submissions.