Objet-a Creative Studio is an interdisciplinary arts organisation producing a variety of artistic outputs on the verge of performance, music, visual and sonic art.


Objet-a Creative Studio aims to:

  • To produce high-quality interdisciplinary works which reach audiences across Scotland and internationally;
  • To collaborate with artists leading in their field in Scotland and internationally;
  • To develop a brand and recognition as a company leading in the interdisciplinary performance sector;
  • To produce digital works which widen access for new audiences;
  • To build the overall operational capacity of the company in order to ensure a sustainable future.


Objet-a Creative Studio is committed to:

  • Producing high-quality contemporary artworks;
  • Celebrating ‘otherness’ and diversity through its artistic content, staff and contracted artists;
  • Remunerating freelance staff and artists by recognised industry minimums as a base;
  • Engaging in digital works which are free at point of access via the internet;
  • Sharing artistic practice with students and peers through workshops, teaching and presentations.

Board of Trustees

 Claire Moran | Producer | Cryptic

Paul Bassett

Josh Armstrong | Artistic Director | Objet-a Creative Studio

Photo by Tommy Ga-Ken Wan | these delicate things, 2014 | a CRYPTIC production