CALL for SUBMISSIONS becoming-Feral / deadline 1 February







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objet-a / ɔb.ʒɛ – a / awb.dzay ah

Objet-a Creative Studio is an interdisciplinary arts organisation producing a variety of artistic outputs on the verge of performance, music, visual and sonic art. Founded in 2018 by Josh Armstrong, Objet-a Creative is driven by a desire to create work which is difficult, sensitive, rigorous, and sublime. With a strong interest in the emerging field of research-creation, the studio engages in partnerships with academics, researchers, and specialists in a wide range of disciplines to produce work in theatres, galleries, publications, pop-ups, and found sites.

Deadline extended to Monday 1 February 2021


becoming-Feral is a creative research publication which aims to investigate the complex relationships between human/other-animals and the shifting categories of wild/feral/domestic, set within landscapes constantly being altered by global transformations of climate and capitalism. We are interested in exploring reciprocal and responsive multispecies reactions to the act of becoming-Feral.

We invite creative contributions from anyone: zoologists; scholars; researchers; historians; scientists; poets; naturalists; artists; activists for both a print publication and multimedia digital publication.